Free Casino Games You Can Play Online

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If you want the excitement and thrill of playing a casino game without risking any money, there are many different free casino games you can play online. Some of them match you against other players to test your skills, while in others you play against the dealer or alone. Following are some of the many casino games available online for free play.

Video Poker

The original video poker is a classic, five-card draw poker game, although there are other variations available online as well. To play video poker, you select how many credits you want to play at a time, and then you are dealt five cards. You choose the ones you want to hold and the ones you want to discard, and then you are dealt new cards to replace the discards.

If you have a pair of Jacks or better, you win. A pair is worth one credit, and the best hand you can get, a royal flush, usually has a payout of 250 credits. If you choose to play more than one credit at a time, then the payouts are larger when you win, but you are also using more credits to play. If you get bored with regular video poker, you can look for other variations to play online, such as deuces or jokers wild, which liven up the game.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em poker is available for free play on many online casino game sites. On most of these sites, there are multiple poker rooms available for you to play in. They differ in stakes, minimum buy-in, and limits. Once you select your room and sit down at the table, play begins. The rules and game play are the same as with regular hold ‘em poker.

You will be dealt two cards facing down, plus five more will be dealt face up that are for everyone. The first three are dealt at the same time, and a round of player betting follows. The fourth and the fifth cards are dealt, but one at a time, with a round of betting after each. During any round, you can bet, check, or fold by clicking the appropriate buttons. The winning hand will win the pot.


Just as in a real casino, there are many different varieties of free slot machine games online to play. Some are based on the classic reel slot machines, where the symbols are bars and fruits and play is simple. There are also slot games based on game shows, television shows, movies, and various themes. Some offer mini-games that are activated during regular play and others offer big bonuses. For online slot games, you choose the number of coins you want to play as well as the number of lines; the more lines you play, the more possibilities you have for winning combinations. Each game has a payout table that shows you what each winning combination is worth in credits.


Free roulette games are also available online. To play roulette, you will choose the amount you want to bet first, and then place your bet. You can bet that the ball will stop on the roulette wheel on a specific number, which pays out the most if you win. You can also choose red or black, odd or even numbers, or groupings, such as the first set of numbers 1-12. These bets don’t pay as much if you win because your odds are greatly increased by choosing groupings rather than individual numbers. Once your bet is placed, you spin the wheel to see if you win.